This is the UTS eResearch website. eResearch refers to the application of Information Technology to research. The UTS eResearch Group works with UTS researchers to help them with aspects of their research that can be facilitated by information technology, freeing them to do the knowledge creation work that technology cannot.

We provide technologies including:

Articles, news, events and blog posts

 De-identifying survey data

 An open, composable standards–based research eResearch platform: Arkisto

 eResearch Australasia 2019 trip report

 FAIR Simple Scalable Static Research Data Repository

 Meet RO-Crate

 Publishing versioned datasets using OCFL and nginx

 eResearch Survey Report

 Roadmap for Genomics Computing Workshop

 DataCrate - a progress report on packaging research data for distribution via your repository

 Implementation of a Research Data Repository using the Oxford Common File Layout standard at the University of Technology Sydney